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My life has been completely transformed by the work Maya guided me through, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to find a deep and meaningful relationship.

I initially sought out Maya’s services because I was exhausted from my attempts at online dating and needed help changing a recurring pattern of unfulfilling, short-term relationships when what I really wanted was to find a life partner to start a family.

Thanks to Maya, I found that what had once felt like a chore actually became kind of fun, and the quality of the men I was meeting online increased dramatically. I am thrilled to say that I am now in a loving, long-term relationship with an incredible man and we are both so grateful for Maya’s help in bringing us together!”


Before Maya I was consistently attracting relationships that I would call “bi-polar.” Meaning it would be great for a few months, then terrible for a few months, back and forth. I though this was normal and/or my fault. Through our coaching I learned that I was consistently attracting “avoidant” personality types.

I learned that there is something called a “secure” attachment style and we were off to find one! She helped me write a great online profile (which I hate doing and am terrible at). She helped me review my dates and figure out each girls attachment style.

It took a few warm up rounds but now I'm with someone totally amazing and super easy to be with! Relationships can be easy?! Who knew, it's a first for me. Thank you Maya!” 


After years (and years and years … you get it) of dating all the wrong men (and I mean ALL WRONG MEN!), I finally decided that I needed some help.

None of the advice from my friends or “The Millionaire Matchmaker” was helping. I realized I needed to do something different – I needed to figure out why I was only attracted to and attracting losers (just ask any of my friends and they will tell you they were ALL LOSERS!).

After working with Maya I am with someone who exactly what I described to Maya that my perfect partner would be during our first meeting!

During our time together, I went on (lots) of dates but only with quality men – I finally stopped skimming the surface for bacteria or scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Maya helped me to get on the right track to find love and to believe in myself.”


I had been single for many years… that I had really almost given up on the possibility of finding a good woman to be with, and had developed a very pessimistic view of my prospects. Maya helped me examine my negative patterns, not only in dating and past relationships, but also deeper issues from my childhood and my family, and understand and release them, through counseling and energetic work.

She helped me get clear on my vision of the kind of woman I wanted to be with and the kind of relationship I wanted to create. She gave me affirmations and meditation practices that helped reinforce this vision in my daily life. She helped me navigate the myriad resources for online dating and pick the sites that were appropriate for me. She helped me craft my online profile in painstaking detail…

Then, when I finally started meeting women online, she got into the nitty-gritty details of what to write in a message and a reply, what to say in an initial phone conversation, what kind of place to meet at, what to focus on in the date, how to follow up, etc…

I have now been in this relationship for over three years, and I am happy and fulfilled in the life we have created together, and it feels like we are on track to get married and spend the rest of our lives together, and none of this would have been possible without Maya.”


When we first started working together, I was single and looking to reenter the dating world in a focused, intentional and positive way.

Maya helped me shed some old baggage and beliefs that were holding me back, gain more clarity on my dating and life goals, ready my energy for someone amazing to enter my life, and on a more practical note, helped me write an online dating profile I felt good about and even looked through potential prospects with me.

Along the way, she was encouraging, insightful, compassionate, and supportive, while always gently (but firmly) nudging me along my path. I am now in a healthy, mature, committed relationship with a wonderful man.

Maya’s presence and support have been invaluable to me throughout, helping me navigate my relationship with more ease, awareness, and inner growth.”



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