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This powerful information is different than anything you've heard before. You're going to find out…

  • Why caring men attract women who make them feel weak, needy, codependent, or that there's something wrong with them.

  • How to stop this pattern for good in order to¬†feel confident again and choose a loving, appreciative woman.

  • What causes men to say yes to women¬†who just want to “hang out”¬†or who are already in a relationship, and¬†how to attract a woman who¬†wants you as¬†her¬†long-term partner or husband.

  • Why it seems like there are no good single women out there, and where to¬†find an amazing woman in the sea of unresponsive women,¬†ghosters and endless texters.

  • What's really going on if it's hard to¬†stop thinking about her, stop checking her¬†social media profile, or stop feeling so distracted.

  • How to heal the past and¬†attract a high quality woman¬†without changing everything, abandoning your truth¬†to try to please her, or any of those other conventional rules that make men feel pressured.

  • How to go from having an undesirable attachment style to feeling¬†securely attached¬†(we CAN rewire this!)

It IS possible to have the relationship you've always wanted, and this video is going to help you get a lot closer to having it… for FREE.

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Presented by

Maya Diamond, MA

Love & Relationship Coach

Love and Relationship Coach for Successful, Caring Men Who Are Ready To Have The Loving Relationship They've Always Wanted



“I had been single for many years… that I had really almost given up on the possibility of finding a good woman to be with, and had developed a very pessimistic view of my prospects…

I have now been in a relationship for over three years, and I am happy and fulfilled in the life we have created together, and it feels like we are on track to get married and spend the rest of our lives together, and none of this would have been possible without Maya.”


“Before Maya I was consistently attracting relationships where it would be great for a few months, then terrible for a few months, back and forth. I though this was normal and/or my fault.

Through our coaching I learned that I was consistently attracting “avoidant” personality types. I learned that there is something called a “secure” attachment style and we were off to find one! She helped me write a great online profile (which I hate doing and am terrible at)…

Now I'm with someone totally amazing and super easy to be with! Relationships can be easy?! Who knew, it's a first for me. Thank you Maya!”


“Maya and I got results. She helped me clarify an intention and her coaching and guidance were an integral part of making it happen. She is grounded, smart, wise and intuitive.

Working with her was a great investment that payed huge dividends! My intention was to connect with an amazing woman and build a healthy, vibrant loving relationship.

I was looking for that for several years, but something just clicked during the coaching process with Maya and I met this woman with whom I feel uniquely compatible. Maya is good at what she does. Really good! I recommend her highly.”


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