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“After years (and years and years … you get it) of dating all the wrong men (and I mean ALL WRONG MEN!), I finally decided that I needed some help. None of the advice from my friends or “The Millionaire Matchmaker” was helping. I realized I needed to do something different – I needed to figure out why I was only attracted to and attracting losers (just ask any of my friends and they will tell you they were ALL LOSERS!). After working with Maya I am with someone who exactly what I described to Maya that my perfect partner would be during our first meeting! During our time together, I went on (lots) of dates but only with quality men – I finally stopped skimming the surface for bacteria or scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Maya helped me to get on the right track to find love and to believe in myself.”

– Betty

“My life has been completely transformed by the work Maya guided me through, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to find a deep and meaningful relationship. I initially sought out Maya’s services because I was exhausted from my attempts at online dating and needed help changing a recurring pattern of unfulfilling, short-term relationships when what I really wanted was to find a life partner to start a family. Thanks to Maya, I found that what had once felt like a chore actually became kind of fun, and the quality of the men I was meeting online increased dramatically. I am thrilled to say that I am now in a loving, long-term relationship with an incredible man and we are both so grateful for Maya’s help in bringing us together!”

– Charity

“When we first started working together, I was single and looking to reenter the dating world in a focused, intentional and positive way.  Maya helped me shed some old baggage and beliefs that were holding me back, gain more clarity on my dating and life goals, ready my energy for someone amazing to enter my life, and on a more practical note, helped me write an online dating profile I felt good about and even looked through potential prospects with me.  Along the way, she was encouraging, insightful, compassionate, and supportive, while always gently (but firmly) nudging me along my path. I am now in a healthy, mature, committed relationship with a wonderful man.  Maya’s presence and support have been invaluable to me throughout, helping me navigate my relationship with more ease, awareness, and inner growth.”

– Helena

Client Success Stories/Videos







“Feeling great- lunch date with J. This was our 3rd date. He asked what I was doing this afternoon and told him I was getting my nails done. Nonchalantly he asked me where I go to get them done. When I arrived at the salon, he called ahead and bought me a manicure and pedicure. 🙂. First time this has ever happened to me!👍

Just ended date #2 with K. Had another great evening of conversation. Would have never really given him a chance in the past, but so far he is a super guy! Asked me out for Friday. Still want to date others- I have to say overall I’m enjoying myself. Slow and steady. 👍”

- B.C



“Wednesday will be 8 weeks with the same man. I'm proud of how I'm trusting my intuition and not rushing into anything. I'm working on continuing to be present, patient, aware and appreciative of everything that's happening in my life. I'm also feeling very thankful and grateful to what the universe shows me every day.”
- L.W

“I had done plenty attempts at online dating before the program, but it feels very different now! It seems suddenly obvious that I really don't need to fear any kind of judgment from someone I've never met. Plus it's like shopping when I have limited storage space — I'm only gonna keep the ones I think I might really use! 😉 For the win.”
- D.M

“Awesome webinar today. You touched my heart, validated my struggles, my pain and my desire to find love at 55.”

- Sarah

“It’s amazing how my view of men has changed. I used to think no man was ever capable of loving a woman and that they all cheated or treated you badly. I see now that men want intimacy too. I love watching The Bachelorette and seeing these men fall in love with Becca. I see now this belief I had came from me being treated so badly by men in my past. I’m so excited to know that it’s possible for me to find a partner who I’m comfortable with and yes, will truly love me! I wish I knew all this sooner but oh well, better late than never! 😁”

- M.K



“Good morning ladies, I want to share a great experience I had last night. Despite having deleted the Dating apps, there was a guy I was chatting with before that had my number. We had a first date last night and I was open, inviting, and felt a good connection. I was focused on his positive qualities and on having FUN. Right before the date I had a session with Maya that really helped me approach the date with a warm, fun, receptive spirit. I didn't focus on the negative traits I felt like I had been doing in the past. I thought – this guy is adorable – and we even had a great kiss at the end! Is he Mr Perfect or Mr Right for me? I don't know! But I'm excited to get to know him with no pretense! Thank you Maya & to the entire group for your support :)”

- G.S

“Wins: I have been in a relationship now for 5 months. 3 of which were us consistently dating and 2 of which have been us deciding to be in partnership. Also a Win: I am probably not going to be in partnership with this person anymore soon, as a couple of deal breakers have come up that I wasn't previously aware of/hadn't paid attention too. Of course it hurts, I am very attracted to this person and there are qualities in him that are very admirable. But this has been the most mature relationship I have ever been in… I have been the most mature I have ever been, I have been very secure and consistent, and I am standing by my must haves and my deal breakers.

This is a major win for me as I usually would attach quickly and then stay in relationships long after it had become really obvious (usually in that first little while…but i wasn't very good at navigating that) that we were not a match.

Since taking this course I have consistently switched gears to thriving rather then surviving, to treating myself with much more respect care and compassion, to doing things I love, and to living out loud with a lot of love and openness. Hard yes's and Hard Nos.”

- M.R







This program is hands down THE BEST thing I have ever done for myself. I feel like I have healed more from this program than years and years of therapy and I will be forever grateful.


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