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Successful singles, like yourself To create a love life that’s fulfilling, joyful, and aligned with their true desires.

If you’ve been in devastating relationships with partners who were unavailable emotionally, physically or both, and you are ready to find true love…

If you’ve been with narcissistic partners who cheat, lie, don’t prioritize you, and drive you crazy, and you want someone you can finally trust who will put you first…

If you constantly feel worried, anxious, and unsettled in your relationship and you want to feel happy, peaceful, safe and secure…

Then the Rewire For Love Program is for you.

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Maya Diamond, MA

Co-founder & Master Coach

Maya Diamond is an expert Dating and Relationship Coach who is known for helping people finally find the loving partner they've been seeking, after years of trying, so that they can have happy, satisfying, and fulfilling relationships.

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