How often are you disappointed with what love brings?

Do you get swept up in a new romance to the point of feeling ecstatic, only to watch your dreams come tumbling down a few weeks or months later when the relationship goes from hot to luke-warm?

Or if you're in a relationship, are you haunted by thoughts about having maybe chosen the wrong partner, and what “might have been?”

Do you sometimes pine after the early days of your romance and even mourn the loss of those days when it just felt so easy-breezy?

And does this create tension between you and your partner, because you feel you've “lost that loving feeling?”

What if I told you that these experiences have nothing at all to do with your partner or date?

In today’s blog, you might be surprised to learn the real reason you keep feeling disappointed in the love department, and why understanding this is the key to finally feeling like you've found IT for real!

For those of us with an insecure attachment style, we tend to have really exacting expectations for how love “is supposed to go.” 

And when even the nicest people (with a lot to offer) don’t show up and meet all those expectations to a tee, then once we get to know them better and see all their flaws, we find ourselves so disappointed.

You CAN heal your past

The good news is, these beliefs and emotional patterns are often rooted in events from our past, and when we get brave enough to look at them — when we shine some light on the darkness, we can start to heal this in ourselves.

My clients always find after working with me that once I help them learn how to discern who is the right match for them, and how to be a healthy partner themselves, they are able to find healthy love.

And once they do, they often find themselves able to take a second look at potential partners they’d previously written off. 

Had this light bulb not gone off, these women and men would've stayed stuck — thinking that there weren't any good partners out there, or wondering if perhaps the kind of love they wanted didn't exist.

And once they’ve done the work, they stand on the precipice of developing the most satisfying relationships of their lives!

So what about YOUR relationships?

Have you been expecting to be swept off your feet?

Are you waiting for Prince Charming or the Virgin Mary with an impossibly long laundry list of expectations?

Did you create a script a long time ago about how your love relationship was supposed to play out? 

Are you ready to finally let go of your old beliefs so you can step into a new reality?

If so, I want you to take the first easy step toward change by checking out this video I made for you:

And if you want more after you’ve watched, you can make an appointment with one of my brilliant coaches (just click the button under the video) who will help you uncover the core relationship beliefs that have been keeping you from finding your ideal partner, and make a plan to go and get him or her, once and for all!

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