Today I want to introduce you to a really important concept that most single women have never heard before.

Understanding this can mean the difference between having a love life you are excited about, and repeating the same traumatic experiences over and over again.

Let’s say that you’ve had a string of rejections by men you were dating, and/or a recent breakup.

You may be hurting inside, and feeling awful. In fact, every time you think of your love life, your belly tightens, tears well up in your eyes, and there is a sense of hopelessness.

You can barely bring yourself to go on the dating sites/apps to meet someone new, because you feel completely discouraged and your confidence is low.

This experience of feeling down or longing for your ex feels like it will never end. You try to snap out of it, but underneath, there is a gnawing sense of emptiness and fear.

And in fact, the painful feeling won’t end, because you think that it's about a man, but it’s not. It’s actually something else entirely.

If you are chronically feeling rejected in by men, the real problem is this:

Through no fault of your own, you are subconsciously wired to feel upset in your love life.

This is the fundamental reason why you have chosen unavailable men who aren’t good for you (even if they seemed great at first).

You are so wired for this level of distress that you’ve chosen men who have rejected you — because this subconscious part of you needs to stay in pain.

It needs to stay in pain because sometime in your childhood you had an experience of being unloved, and that part of you was “frozen in time.”

This “frozen in time” part is terrified of love, because it had an experience that love was unsafe.

By choosing the wrong men to fall in love with, it keeps recreating an unsafe experience of love. This subconscious part does this because it’s the only version of love that it knows.

If you don’t see this pattern for what it is, you risk repeating it forever, and never having the true love you really deserve.

And if you don’t get that this pattern is the root of the problem, you’ll keep trying to work on the symptoms (e.g. how to keep him interested, where to meet more men, how to be more attractive…) But none of this will work, because the pattern will cause you to gravitate toward a man who won’t fully choose you.

The good news is that you can rewire this pattern and have a great relationship. I know because I’ve helped over 500 women do this, and it’s truly possible to heal and choose a wonderful man.

I truly believe this is some of the most important personal development work any woman can do. On the other side of it, you'll feel more self confident, self loving, and whole.

Your entire life will get an upgrade because this doesn’t just impact your love life – it affects your career, your friendships and your health. I’ve seen this happen for my clients time and time again… and it’s possible for you too.

But, you’re going to need to take a stand for the quality of your life, finally put your stake in the ground and declare,  “I’m worthy of having an amazing love life.”

The best way you can do that right now is to apply for a complimentary breakthrough phone session with my team to gain some real clarity and insight into how this pattern is showing up in your life, where it came from, and what steps you can take to start healing it, right now.

Go here to apply for your session:

It's time for you to have the love life you really want.

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