One of the most common challenges that comes up when I coach people around dating is this:

You go on a date, or a match sends you a message online.

You wind up getting upset by something this person says to you.

For example, they might say something that deeply triggers a painful memory from your past, something you’re so ready to forget, that you are now reminded of.

Now that you’re triggered, this might feel like a total diversion from what you’re trying to do, which is to find a loving, mutually satisfying relationship. You might feel like you’ve just wasted a bunch of time.

But … that's not the case.

Triggers can be valuable information for healing relationship wounds

This may sound crazy, but you getting triggered by this seemingly annoying person is actually getting you closer to your goal of finding the right partner.

This situation is perfectly designed for your highest benefit, because it lets you know that it's time to heal a deep wound that's been hiding inside of you.

Once this wound is healed, you will be even more ready, available, and magnetic to your current or future partner.

But you have to be ready to do some deep work to get there. Most of us shy away from going there on our own because our brains are so programmed to shy away from anything painful.

On the other side of that pain, however, is so much growth and freedom!

Why invest in expert help from a dating and relationship coach?

If you're not working with someone who can help you take a deep and thorough look at the trigger and heal it, this is a huge missed opportunity.

Not only will you miss out on the healing, but it could make you give up online dating altogether, because it just feels so yucky. (This happens to my clients all the time.)

One of the many reasons to hire a Dating Coach is because these challenging moments can be major catalysts for growth and healing — with the right guidance.

… Or you can let these instances become the reason you decide to quit the dating game altogether — because it’s just too painful and hard — and lose out on the chance to meet your ideal partner.

Having a guide is one of the best gifts you can give yourself on the journey of LOVE.

A healthy relationship might FEEL impossible now …

There will be potholes on the road to the best relationship of your life, and if you slip, get stuck, and don’t get the help you need, it can look really bleak, and even feel impossible.

But every upset on the way to meeting your forever partner is a golden opportunity for deep healing and major upgrades.

And by having a trusted guide, you will not only up-level your love life, but every other area of your life as well.

In addition to finding their forever partners, my clients often see results like getting a great new job, achieving a healthy weight, or feeling more confident overall.

So, are YOU ready to be fully supported so you can turn lousy dating experiences into a great relationship?

Your first big step is to join one of our Masterclasses (just choose one of the buttons below) and take a deep look at how your past is holding you back from creating the love you truly desire, and the steps you need to take in order to heal, move forward, and find a healthy, happy relationship.

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With Love,

Maya Diamond

Maya Diamond
MA, Dating & Relationship Coach
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