One of the most effective ways to make sure you choose a great partner (instead of another unavailable man) is “Sober Dating.”

What is Sober Dating? (Hint: It has nothing to do with alcohol!)

Sober dating means:

… Not creating a fantasy about a man before you actually get to know him. (e.g. You don't declare that he's The One after 2 dates, without knowing what he's like in variety of settings, over time.)

… Not getting attached to a man before you get to know him. (e.g. You don't get intimate too soon and stay tangled up with Mr. Wrong because your emotions are clouding your judgement).

… Going slow so you can see the red, orange, and yellow flags. (e.g. You take him seriously when he says he's had commitment issues in the past, and keep your options open).

… Dating in a smart, grounded, and self-loving way, instead of fast and obsessive. (e.g. You don't see him every day for 2 weeks straight, then move in with him).

If you stick to Sober Dating, you will wind up choosing a man who is a good match for you, because you'll have time to learn who he really is, without your wild imagination and hormones taking over.

If you don't do Sober Dating, you will choose a man who is NOT at all who he seemed to be… at first. You'll wake up in a few weeks, 6 months, or even a year, and think to yourself, “How did I wind up in this mess, again?” It will feel like you've been under a spell, and it will be very hard to get out.

Sober dating is simple if you follow a few key guidelines, but it's not easy if you're used to diving in headfirst.

Most of us think, “Sure, I can take it slow. No problem.”

The next day we've found “The One” on Tinder, planned our wedding and researched joint bank accounts… before he's even replied to our first message. (I'm exaggerating, but let's be honest… only a little!

The reality is that you need specific guidelines on how to pace yourself, daily reminders to stay the course, and someone to hold you accountable when you slip into self-delusion, so you can keep your eyes fully open.

This is exactly what we do here at Empower Love, and why I want to help you.

It's time to reclaim your power in dating so that you can finally choose the right person.

It's time for you to have the healthy, successful relationship you've always wanted.

Your first step is to apply for a complimentary breakthrough phone session with my team to gain some real clarity and insight into what causes you to move too quickly, and what steps you can take to start dating Sober, right now.

Go here to apply for your session:

It's time for you to have the love life you really want.

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