If you're successful in all areas of your life, but struggling in love, listen up!

Maybe you've climbed the corporate ladder.

Or you're a leader in your field.

Or you're totally rockin' it as business owner, but your love life feels like a mystery (or even a mess … ) and you just don’t know why,

This one is for you.

Let’s unpack the scenario …

First, let’s look at some of the things you've probably have done to succeed in your career:

1. Invested tens of thousands of dollars (or even hundreds of thousands) into degrees, certifications and training

2. Hired a 1:1 coach

3. Taken multiple self-development or leadership courses

4. Worked incredibly long hours

5. Pushed the edges of your comfort zone so you could grow

6. Refused to give up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges

7. Stood up for yourself and asked for what you want (raises, promotions, clients)

8. Gotten a loan or financial support to propel you forward so you could MAKE more, DO more, SUCCEED more …

These are the types of things that not everyone is willing to do, which is why not everyone succeeds (but you have).

You know this, so you might be wondering: “Why haven't I been able to apply the same strategies to my love life?”

Trauma gets in the way of success in love

Here’s the reason:

When you have past trauma, or you had a challenging childhood where you didn’t get your emotional needs met, it can drive you to be incredibly ambitious and assertive in your career.

You refuse to play the victim and deep down all you really want is to feel powerful, independent and capable, so you do everything you can to make sure you’re a success — and you are.

But with your love life, the opposite happens.

When you've had a difficult past, and your nervous system is holding trauma, the way your brain and body react in relation to your partners and potential partners often feels confusing, heavy, full of challenging emotions, and you can get easily discouraged, give up quickly, and not ask for the right help.

The same events that drive you to be incredibly effective at work are the often the ones that create confusion and challenges for your love life.

Many of the women and men I speak to feel secretly ashamed that they haven’t been able to figure this out on their own.

In fact, that was me.

But, there’s no shame in it!

You're NOT broken.

And there's nothing “wrong” with you.

It’s simply that you haven’t had the right tools or approach to address this issue from the very root.

You’ve been missing the piece that will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

If you invest the right kind of resources into your love life, you can absolutely have the same types of stellar results you've had in your career.

This is where the Empower Love team comes in.

My approach to getting you into the best relationship of your life is to start by healing your past, and the nervous system trauma that's been holding you back so you can finally create a better future.

Take the first step

The first step is to unearth the underlying cause of why you haven’t found healthy, lasting love, and map out a strategy for you to find it.

Are you ready to rock it out in ALL areas of your life?

If so, join one of the Masterclasses below, then click the link below the video to schedule a complimentary Love Breakthrough session.

You deserve to feel successful in all ways! Let us help you. I've had clients tell me over and over that this Masterclass held some of the most revelatory information they’ve ever had about their love life.

P.S. Our team has helped hundreds of high-powered women and men get into healthy, happy relationships over the past 13 years, and we're excited to help you, too!

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