The media and our whole culture have it all wrong.

Women are taught that our looks are the reason we’re lovable and attractive to men.

Men are taught that their accomplishments and wealth are the reason they’re lovable and attractive to women.

Everywhere you turn, these messages are reinforced. Every ad, movie, tv show, magazine …

But guess what? 

The real reason you attract a great, healthy partner is NOT how good looking you are, how beautiful your skin is, or how great your clothes are. It’s not how wealthy or accomplished you are, or what kind of car you drive, or how big your house is …

Self-Worth & Self-Love

It’s actually your level of self-worth and self-love.

That’s it. 

When you get clear on what you deeply desire, and you believe you deserve it, you will stop choosing people who don’t choose you back, and you'll find your beloved soulmate. 

(I’ve seen hundreds of examples of this with my clients).

I speak to women every day who are drop dead gorgeous, who have still been dating unavailable people, married men, etc. for 10-25 years.

I speak to men every day who are killing it in their careers, who have all the trappings of success, who have so much to give, and are still pining for women who walk all over them, or don’t even really see them.

Women also been taught that the older we get, the harder it is to find lasting love. 

Because we’ve aged and we have more wrinkles, we’re supposed to be way less attractive to men. (And we hold the double-standard that men get MORE attractive as they age!) 

Age Has Nothing To Do With It

Guess what? That’s not what I’ve seen at all –  age has NOTHING to do with it!

I have clients as old as 86 who found healthy, lasting love, as well as many in their 60’s and 70’s.

It’s not about your age.

The women and men in my program who get results are the ones who’ve done the work to own their worth, believe in their lovability, and know deep in their bones that their partner is coming.

This is what makes a difference.

This is an empowering truth, but it goes against everything those ads you’ve seen for years and years and years have taught you.

Rewiring Your Beliefs About Your Worth

It’s time to re-wire these beliefs.

Are you ready to forget everything you’ve been taught about attracting your soulmate so you can find the lasting love you deeply desire and deserve?

The first step is to shift these beliefs, cultivate a new sense of self worth, and learn how to spot and say no to unavailable people, so you can finally stop investing your priceless energy in relationships with no future.

Here's your next step: Watch the Expert Interview I created for you below.

Then, apply for a complimentary love breakthrough call to get clear on the shifts you can make to attract find a great partner, and exactly how we can help you get there.

Because … self-worth and self-love are the true keys to finding a healthy, happy relationship.

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