There are so many strategies out there that you can learn in order to “catch” a man (whether or not they work is another story…)

But… before any strategy can work, you need this one thing to be true.

You need to believe he actually exists.

I mean really believe that your man exists, who you find attractive, who is attracted to you, who wants to commit to you, has a great career, free time to spend together, healthy psychology, intelligent, funny, likes doing fun things, and takes initiative, etc.

A man where there is no fundamental compromise of what you really want.

When you tune in with yourself…. do you really believe he's out there?

When I dig in deep with my clients – especially when they are settling for someone who isn’t their best match – there is almost always some lingering doubt about this.

“Well, maybe it’s ok that he’s a workaholic – he’s career oriented!”
“He’s not that attractive to me, even after a year, but he is super nice!”
“He wants to be able to have the occasional hookup with someone else, but I think I can work on myself and be ok with it!”

These are the kinds of things women have said.

Why do they say this? Because they think that if they let go of this man, no one better will come along, because there is no one better.

But… let me tell you from experience working with hundreds of women and from my own life… HE EXISTS.

You don’t have to settle.

But you do have to do the deep inner work to make this belief real, as in more than just lip service or an intellectual understanding.

If you don’t believe he exists, you won’t find him, and you’ll just pick someone that isn’t quite right instead.

If you do believe he exists – at your core – he will show up, and you’ll be so darn glad you held out for him.

Are you ready to shift this key belief?

The first step is to apply for a complimentary Love Breakthrough session with my team to find out how this belief shows up in your love life, how deeply embedded it is, and what you need to do to heal it and get into the best relationship of your life.

You can do that here:

It's time for you to call him in.

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