Are you involved with a man who is married to another woman or dating someone else?

If so, this is a special message for you.

Some people think that only “bad” or “unethical” women date “taken” men, but I know that’s not true.

Any woman can find herself becoming the “other” woman – all it takes is a certain type of patterning from childhood.

  • If one or both of your parents weren’t there to comfort you…
  • If they weren’t emotionally and physically present…
  • If they didn’t tell you they love you…
  • If they were violent, abusive, critical or mean…
  • If they didn’t seem to truly care…

… Then your child brain learned to believe that’s just how love is, and how love will always be.

These types of behaviors got coded into your brain as love, so your subconscious got programmed to seek out this same type of “love” as an adult.

This makes you feel unexplainably attracted to unavailable men (instead of finding the available ones attractive).

And who is more unavailable than a taken man?

It’s even worse if he often says he will leave his wife or stop dating other women, then doesn’t do it.

That’s called intermittent reinforcement — because he gets your hopes up all high then drops them like a hot potato by not following up.

When you have these kind of highs and lows, it’s very addictive, and it becomes almost impossible to let him go.

Even though you know better.
Even though your friends all say you should leave him.
Even though you feel awful when you’re not together.
Even though you can tell, deep down, it’s not going anywhere.

But there’s a way out, [First Name].

I know it’s hard to imagine being without him, because you’re basically addicted to him – but there is a better life waiting for you – just on the other side of letting him go.

Letting him go isn’t easy, because you have to heal the underlying pattern that makes him seem so darn appealing to you, and cultivate faith that there’s someone amazing and fully available waiting for you.

This is where I come in.

The first step is to apply for a complimentary Love Breakthrough session with my team to find out what your pattern is and what you need to do to heal it and get into the best relationship of your life.

You can do that here:

Because you deserve to be the only woman.

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