Have you ever noticed that your turn-on in the bedroom is directly linked to the level of sensitivity and attunement that you experience from your partner?

We all want to be juicy. We want to be aroused. We want to be warmed up.

Guess what? If you are not receiving those things in the bedroom, there’s a good chance that your partner is not actually listening to your body, prioritizing your needs, or listening to you in the dance of intimacy.

And if it’s not happening in the bedroom, I wonder where else it’s not happening?

Maybe in the kitchen when you are talking about your day?

Maybe in the car when you are sharing an intimate detail about your life?

We all want to be heard, seen, and loved.

When your needs are not being met, it’s harder for your body to open and surrender in the bedroom. That’s just the way we’re wired.

Deep relating happens when both people are attuning, feeling, being present and open-hearted in the dance of intimacy.

If your partner doesn’t feel you — their heart isn’t open, and they're not present — you may feel alone, isolated, and unmet.

I’ve experienced all those things.

I’ve felt a lack of juiciness from all the scenarios above.

I’ve felt confused when sometimes there’s presence and care, and sometimes it’s nowhere to be found. 

When we listen to our body’s wisdom, when we listen to our deep knowing, we make the best choices for our lives.

This is what I teach my clients to do in their love lives. Because when we deeply listen we know what is right for us and what is not.

Are you ready to start noticing and listening to what's really happening, so that you can make sure you're in a relationship that feeds you on all levels?

If so, now is the time to take the first step.

Start by checking out the expert interview I created that goes deep on the 5 Shifts to Stop Investing in Relationships with No Future and Find a Loving & Secure Partnership.

And if you feel attracted to my work after learning more, I invite you to apply for a completely free breakthrough session around this and more. (Just click the link under the video.)

Because … you deserve to feel like a priority in your relationships.

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